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Discover the Game-changing Benefits of the Comprehensive Reina Trust Building System.

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Are You Unknowingly Misstepping at Trust Building?

This unique process will pinpoint where you are strong at building trust and where your opportunities are


A Closer Look at The 360 Client Assessment Process

Intelligence That Delivers Massive Value

  • Intelligent 360 data from clients generates immediate understanding of strengths and opportunities
  • Enhance your referability for faster introductions by knowing precisely where your approach may be unintentionally off-course
  • Increase client confidence, commitment and energy by continuing to build on where you are already strong and producing results 
  • Pinpoint key behaviours that if shifted, will measurably strengthen your impact
  • Uncover the behaviours that may be eroding your ability to create trust
  • Gain a concrete action plan that will address your vulnerabilities, leverage your strengths, build trust, and foster a culture where people want to promote your practice and become a raving fan.

25% increase in client engagement scores within 9 months

Went from lowest to highest producer out of 12 offices nationwide in 18 months

17% increase in sales after implementing all 4 trust-building phases in 6 months

Program Options



Phase 1

Assessment Report Only




Phase 1 - 3

Assessment Report & 60 Minute Deep Debrief

Practice Mapping Strategic Plan

Three 45-Minute Strategic Outcome Sessions to Optimise Trust in Your Sales, Marketing & Service.





Phase 1 - 4

Assessment Report & 60 Minute Deep Debrief

Practice Mapping Strategic Plan

Three 45-Minute Strategic Outcome Sessions to Optimise Trust in Your Sales, Marketing & Service.



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What Other's Are Saying

Blake- Financial Advisor


This assessment is illuminating.  Ty's end-to-end process uncovers where your clients resort to confidence over trust with you, allowing you to learn what you don't know about your practice. 

Ty is a patient teacher who allows you to feel like a peer.  You'll see immediate benefit within days of putting this trust building system in place.

Sarah - Fitness Franchisee


This is perfect for the Solopreneur looking for a new outlook on achieving their business goals. Ty gives a fresh approach on dealing with the day-to-day and provides effective strategies on how to make any big issues manageable, by bringing it back to trust-building.

As a new Franchise Partner building a business, I highly recommend this process for anyone who has a team.

Ritchie - Mortgage Broker


I have always sought out professionals who I can trust whole heartedly knowing that they have my best interests in mind. I have found this in Ty.

He has proven himself as a true "Advisor", providng me with proven, innovative methods of growing and protecting my business. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

The 4 Phase Trust Building System

Imagine having the intelligence of knowing precisely where your clients have confidence over trust with you? What would that do for your business?


  • Know Where Trust Stands

To build trust, you need to know where trust currently stands. Through assessing trust at the Advisor/Operator level, you gain a baseline measurement of trust in your workplace.


  1. Learn where your trust is high, moderate, low, or very low.
  2. Discover your quality of trust along three critical dimensions, which we call The Three Cs: Trust of Character®, Trust of Communication®, and Trust of Capability®.
  3. Understand how your trust levels relate to those of other leaders, teams, and organizations worldwide.
    Identify the behaviors people already practice to build trust in their relationships and how you can leverage them.
  4. Pinpoint behaviors that, if not redirected, will derail relationships and hold you back from achieving what's important to you.

You know exactly where to focus your attention for game-changing shifts in behaviour, and marketing messages.


  • Co-Create Solutions

Trust is lifted off the pages and put into action with you. Using the baseline trust data and insights from Phase One, we partner with you to co-create a Trust Building Roadmap to meet your business needs. You will:

  1. Get customized trust building tools and learning aids.
  2. Obtain a thorough review of your social media posts and client communications from the last 90 days.
  3. Become equipped to address key behaviours identified in your assessment results.

You have a customized, practical solution to strengthen trust in your business that will translate into stronger and more aligned messaging.


  • Transfer Trust Building® Capability

Trust work is most powerful – and sustainable – when leaders spearhead the work themselves. Through developing a Culture of Trust Building your business:

  1. Gains the awareness, language, skills, and tools required to model and extend trust building into your client interactions.
  2. Developes a code of honour that gets communicated to clients.

Clients at every level are enrolled into new standards of trust building to shift behaviour and strengthen trust.


  • Evaluate Trust Building® Progress and Sustainability

You don't need trust for today. You need it today and tomorrow. We help you sustain trust trust and keep positive change going long after our official partnership ends. You are equipped to:

  • Monitor your trust building progress.
  • Identify where your making trust building improvements.
  • Pinpoint opportunities to leverage your gains.
  • Develop a discipline to celebrate turning points and successes.
  • Identify your trust building best practices.
  • Rewrite your culture's trust story.

TRANSFORMATIVE TRUST™. You and your clients will have everything you need to hard-wire trust into the way work gets done. Trust becomes self-generating and energy producing. Business results measurably improve.

Trust Building Videos

This unique process will pinpoint where you are strong at building trust and where your opportunities are

Michelle Reina, PhD Trust BuildingĀ® Tailored to Serve Your Needs

Ty Hoffman, FMA Reina, Qualified Trust Partner - Uncover What You Don't Know

Dennis Reina, PhD Unleashing Productivity through Trust BuildingĀ®

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